Thursday, 7 June 2012

Isn't this beautiful

I received a lovely email last night from my lovely friend about how The Lord has our life all weaved together so perfectly, we may not see it sometimes as we battle through life, but one day he will reveal to us this wonderful and perfect picture of our lives :)

My life is but a weaving between God and me.
I may not choose the colours, he knows what they should be,
For he can view the pattern from the upper side,
While I can see it only, on this the under side.
Sometimes he weaveth sorrow, which seemed strange to me,
But I will trust His judgement and work on faithfully.
Tis He who fills the shuttle, He knows what is best,
So I shall weave in earnest and leave Him with the rest.
At last when life is ended, with Him I shall abide, then
I may view the pattern upon the upper side.
Then I shall know the reason, why pain and joy entwined,
It was woven in the fabric, of life that God designed.

How beautiful is
God our Creator and Designer ♥


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